The Speed Astir II and IIB are single seat high performance gliders fro the 15 m flapped class, with a T-tail, retracting undercarriage, ballast tanks in the wings and airbrakes on the upper wing surface.

The glider incorporates the most modern fibre reinforced plastic technology. The spar, fuselage belt and canopy frame are all fabricated from Carbon fibre; all other surfaces and shells are glass-fibre.

Speed Astir II B

Wingspan: 15 m
Length: 6.8 m
Height: 1.3 m
Aspect ratio: 19.6
Wing area: 11,5 m2
Maximum flying weight: 515 Kg
Maximum wing loading: 44.8 Kg/m2


Never exceed: 270 Km/h
Maximum Rough Air: 200 Km/h
Manoeuvring speed: 190 Km/h
Maximum on winch launch: 120 Km/h
Maximum on aerotow: 170 Km/h
Max. speed for use of positive flaps: 190 Km/h

Speed Astir IIB Flight Handbook

Speed Astir IIB Maintenance Handbook